Acclaimed by top magazines for its realism, DryFire reproduces all clay disciplines in your own home! Now you can shoot every day whatever the weather. Practise until perfect, then off to hit more birds! Classic Shooting is the official DryFire retailer in Switzerland.

DryFire reproduces all types of game and clay targets - including all the major clay disciplines: sporting (English and FITASC), skeet (English, Olympic, American) and trap (ABT, DTL, Olympic, American). The simulator generates a laser target moving across the wall at the same angular trajectory and at the same angular speed as a real clay.

Your shooting stance, the point where you acquire the target, the angle through which you swing, the speed of your swing, the lead required - all are exactly the same as on the range. This gives you a level of realism you could only dream of. This is no toy! DryFire is a serious training aid developed to imporve your scores faster than any other method.

"... it's realistic and it works!"

"It's a serious tool with genuine benefits for competition shooters!"